The Finder API delivers data that helps users find and evaluate health insurance plans outside of the Health Insurance Marketplace. It’s used by Plan Finder.

Here are the data types in the Finder API:

  • Individual plan calls available based on census data, location, and effective date.
  • Small group plan calls available based on location, effective date, and dependents.
  • Shared calls that accept postal code and return county(s) / State(s) information

Getting started

To use the Finder API apply for an API Key by filling out this form. CMS will review your request and issue an API Key after it has been approved. Once the API key has been received, your key is ready for use. All API keys are rate limited to 1000 requests per minute.

Use cases

Powering Finder.HealthCare.gov

Plan Finder is a site that helps you find private health plans available outside the Health Insurance Marketplace. It uses Finder API to find health plans for you and/or your family or small business.


If you have questions or issues, check the Finder API FAQ, or ask a question in the Open Data StackExchange.